The First Personalized Family Robot Brings Convenience Into Your Home

First Family Robot is on It’s Way

Kristan T. HarrisAmerican Intelligence Report | Feed Your Brain

This robot can see, hear, walk and respond to voice commands. Equipped with facial recognition software, it can identify each family member. It can manage smart devices and is mounted with multiple censors. BIG-i is here to help you and your family. Simply tell BIG-i what needs to be done, it brings convenience of the future into your home.

Hello, I’m BIG-i, your personal robot companion. I can see, hear, walk and respond to your voice commands and I’m here to help you.

BIG-i is a natural-interaction robot with mobility, 3D vision , voice programming, and active perception. It can manage smart appliances to suit your needs.

BIG-i can act as the bridge between family members. It will improve itself, becoming more and more thoughtful and intelligent through your instructions. Even when you are away, BIG-i will still take care of your loved ones. BIG-i takes charge of the small daily grind so you are free to enjoy every precious moment. It means everyone feels the love and the strong bond of the family.




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