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Top Futurist Warns About Cryonics, First Frozen Patient To Be Revived in 35-50 Years

Could the Science of Cryonics Raise the Dead? First Frozen Patient To Be Revived in 35-50 Years. Zoltan Istvan | Newsweek The news that a 14-year-old U.K. girl has undergone cryonic suspension after dying from cancer has created headlines around the world, putting a spotlight on the need for cryonics regulation. Cryonics—also sometimes called cryogenics—uses ultra-cold […]

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Scientists Are Working To Make Jurassic Park a Reality within the Next Few Years

Scientists Are Working Hard To Create a Jurassic World Tiffany Grandstaff | American Intelligence Report Everyone remembers that scene in the original Jurassic Park where the guy gets eaten by a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex while he’s using the john.  Well, that scene could very well become a real story we all hear on the news in […]

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