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AIR:Live Chase Kloetzke former Master Trainer for the DOD talks Black Ops, UFO’s and Ancient History

On this edition of Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report we are joined by former Master Trainer, Master Instructor of the Department of Defense and UFOlogist Chase Kleotzke to discuss her trip to Puru and the state of credibility in alternative research, as well as UFO’s, Giants, Black ops and government.

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Bill Cooper Predicted Rise In School Shootings In His Book Behold A Pale Horse

Cooper predicted fast and furious along with ties between mass shooters and psychotropic drugs Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report Author, broadcaster and former naval intelligence officer, William Cooper, has predicted many events which have come to fruition in recent years, making him one the more accurate philosophers of our era. In his book Behold a […]

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William Cooper

FBI Documents Reveal Heavy Surveillance of Broadcaster William Cooper (Behold A Pale Horse)

Declassified Top Secret Documents Show the Federal Government Went to Great Lengths to Collect Data on Author and Radio Broadcaster William (Bill) Cooper. Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report An FOIA request filed by Kristan T. Harris of the American Intelligence Report resulted in the release of hundreds of documents related to former United States Naval Intelligence officer, author and […]

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