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AIR:Live Pizza Gate Guest Cassius Kamarampi, Breitbart, Ping Pong, Obama Deports over 2.4 Million Immigrants

On this edition of Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report – Cassius Kamarampi  Writer for the The Anti-Media and founder of Era of Wisdom joins us to talk specifics about Pizza Gate! Live on Facebook live! Headlines: Mainstream Media’s new war on the Alternative media, Andrew Breitbart Asked Coded Message About “Ping Pong” on FOX, […]

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Breitbart Tweeted About Podesta’s Sex Slave Cover Up Before He Died, Pizza Gate

A haunting Tweet from the late journalist Andrew Breitbart has reemerged, which has renewed interest in his mysterious death amid ongoing speculation spurred by the leaked emails of DC insider John Podesta.   Dan Lyman | Infowars.comBreitbart died mysteriously in the early hours of March 1, 2012 – just hours before his planned release of […]

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