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Futuristic Stem Cell “SkinGun” to Offer Quick and Scar-less Healing

Medical Device Uses Your Own Stem Cells to Repair Severe Burns and Wounds Rapidly Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report Medical pioneers RenovaCare have developed a CellMist System to help aid those suffering from “serious burns, chronic and acute wounds, and scars,” the official website states. The company describes how the advanced equipment works: “RenovaCare’s SkinGun™ spray […]

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European Space Agency Approves Plan to Colonize the Moon

Moon Colony Gets Green Light, Brings Great Business Opportunity for Those Who Can Afford It. Would You Visit a “Space Bar”? Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report The idea of colonizing Earth’s moon and creating a whole world from scratch has always been a notion of science-fiction, until now NBC reports. The European Space […]

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