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Snopes Quiet on Washington Post’s Fake Story About Russia Hacking US Power Grid

Snopes “fact checking” tabloid has yet to respond to the Washington Post reporting fake news on Russia hacking America’s electric grid Free Thought Project Snopes, one of the new arbiters of Fake News for Facebook, has been utterly remiss in its fact-checking duties by failing to report the false allegation The Russians hacked into Vermont’s […]

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State Election Agencies Confirm Cyberattacks Came From DHS

Three American States Source Cyberattack Attempts of Election Agencies to Department of Homeland Security Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report State election agencies that were under cyberattack have confirmed and have traced attacks back to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Three states so far have confirmed DHS cyberattacts including, West Virginia and Kentucky who now join Georgia […]

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Doesn’t Matter WHO Hacked Podesta, If Emails are TRUE

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta used his own name as his username and the word ‘p@ssw0rd’ as his password, which raises doubts he was targeted by a large-scale Russian hacking campaign as claimed. Kit Daniels | Infowars Additionally, Podesta also lost his cell phone in 2015, according to his own emails released by Wikileaks, […]

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