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AIR:Live Guest Kelly Morabito-Guardianship Program Corruption, Elderly Holocaust, Fake News, Pizza Gate, Ron Paul

Today’s edition of American Intelligence Report with Kristan T. Harris: Activist Kelly Morabito will be our guest. We will be discussing her attempts to retrieve her mother from a crooked Ohio guardian program. Headlines: Ron Paul, Fake News, Prison, Case for Killing Granny, Eugenics and the elderly.god DOWNLOAD our ANDROID APP FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.therundownlive.android.intelligence Follow Us: […]

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‘Fake news comes from our own govt’ – Ron Paul fires back on propaganda charges

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report “The ones who are charging us with listening to what Russia tells us to say, I think they’ve lost all credibility. People look at that and say ‘same old stuff again’ especially when they look a little bit deeper in how they did things much worse than they […]

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The TSA is Selling Your Confiscated Items Online for Profit

Is the TSA Confiscating Your Private Items Just to Generate Revenue? Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report In 2011, I purchased bottled water at Mitchell International Airport and made the unwise decision of purchasing the thirst quencher prior to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. While approaching the front of the line I was […]

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