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Professor Griff From Public Enemy Searches for Truth Behind Pizza Gate

Professor Griff Says I’m Right About Pizza Gate and Mystery Babylon Link Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report While talking pizza gate rapper Professor Griff from Public Enemy responded to my claims on social media that the Wikileak’s pizza gate revelations are mystery Babylon related. “Kristan T. Harris called it Mystery Babylon and you […]

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Secret Encrypted Freemason Posting Keys Discovered, Solve the Word Puzzle

Broadcaster Kristan T. Harris discovers a group of bizarre encrypted secret society pamphlets which may shed light on masonic rituals and chants. Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report I’ve acquired a group of encrypted posting keys that were printed for members of the Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin. This is part of my continued […]

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FBI Documents Reveal Heavy Surveillance of Broadcaster William Cooper (Behold A Pale Horse)

Declassified Top Secret Documents Show the Federal Government Went to Great Lengths to Collect Data on Author and Radio Broadcaster William (Bill) Cooper. Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report An FOIA request filed by Kristan T. Harris of the American Intelligence Report resulted in the release of hundreds of documents related to former United States Naval Intelligence officer, author and […]

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