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AIR:Live Pizza Gate Guest Cassius Kamarampi, Breitbart, Ping Pong, Obama Deports over 2.4 Million Immigrants

On this edition of Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report – Cassius Kamarampi  Writer for the The Anti-Media and founder of Era of Wisdom joins us to talk specifics about Pizza Gate! Live on Facebook live! Headlines: Mainstream Media’s new war on the Alternative media, Andrew Breitbart Asked Coded Message About “Ping Pong” on FOX, […]

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Andrew Breitbart Asked Coded Message About “Ping Pong” on FOX, Discussing Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal

Andrew Breitbart May Have Left More Clues About Child Sex Ring Exposed By Wikileaks  Cassius Kamarampi | Era of Wisdom Andrew Breitbart was exposing sex crimes in government in 2011, the lewd acts of Anthony Weiner, a politician who we now know was doing much worse things than accused of before. He died of mysterious heart problems […]

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Google Aquired Access To Millions Of Patients’ Medical Records

American Intelligence Report | Michaela Whitton | Anti-Media A controversial deal between tech giant Google and the National Health Service (NHS) will allow artificial intelligence units access to 1.6 million confidential medical records. Since 2014, Google has partnered with several scientists in an attempt to understand human health, but a new report reveals the data gathering goes […]

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