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Commission on Artificial Intelligence to be Established

Concerns Over Digital Ethics and Artificial Technology Have Some Experts Calling for Government Oversight of AI SHOBITH | The Transhumanist Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to be the future of technology and almost every field because of a wide range of implications it offers. It ensures to bring a revolution in every field possible by […]

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Futurist Warns About Fully Automated Luxury Communism Movement, Wants Everything Free

“He Wants Everything Free And Eventually Provided To Us By Robots, Software, And Automation” In 1789, Benjamin Franklin identified death and taxes as the only things we can be certain of. It wasn’t a completely original quote, but it seemed a permanent truth, with no one betting against the continued presence of graveyards and other shovel-ready […]

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Micro-Robots Pull 1.8 Ton Car, Watch the Video

Are Micro Robots the Tow Trucks of the Future? Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report In a recent Standford University experiment, 6 micro-robots teamed together to pull a 1.8 ton vehicle. The microTug robots alone can pull over 2,000 times their own weight. The machines utilize special gecko inspired “shoes,” which allow the microbots to pull more than […]

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