SNL: Pizza Gate Investigators Portrayed as Crack Users Lead By Alt-Media White Supremacists

SNL Pushes Narrative that Americans are too High on Crack to Sort Out Real News

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

If there is one thing that can be said about the recent Saturday Night Live skit Weekend Update: Cathy Anne on Pizzagate, is that it takes away from the seriousness of what was revealed in Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.

SNL in distasteful fashion used their star power to make fun of Americans concerned over serious allegations of child trafficking.

The character Cathy Anne took the time to paint people who investigate and question details within Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails as right-wing citizen journalist crack users, who read fake news, lead by alternative media white supremacists who would like to end pedophile rings.

It’s prejudice to suggest no minorities are interested in pizza gate or crimes exposed in Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Planting seeds into their viewers that if you’re looking into child trafficking by our government, you are an insane white racist and everything you investigate is fake.

This goes to show the mainstream entertainment’s incestuous relationship with government propaganda.

Interesting FACTS surrounding pizza gate

If the allegations are true does it matter how information was leaked?

Hillary Clinton’s certified emails exposed that the Podesta brothers are linked to extreme occult satanic rituals, such as spirit cooking. There are detailed conversations that use openly established terms for child trafficking in the Wikileaks. These even fit FBI text book code terms and symbols used in pedophile rings.

Andrew Breitbart, before his untimely death, left a mysterious tweet alleging that John Podesta was involved in covering up child sex slave operations. The truth is there is nothing funny about pizza gate.

The mainstream media failed to source or link to any evidence that claims made by on-line investigators are false. Instead the MSM is using it as a honey pot to censor news sources that are not filtered through white house run media.



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