Shocking: Almost Nobody for Hillary at Wisconsin Rally

Democrat supporters have low turn out in support of Hillary Clinton at Wisconsin Rally with Bernie Sanders

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

bernBernie Sanders was in Madison Wisconsin on Wednesday and only a few hundred people showed up to hear him speak in support of Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Roll back the clock to March before endorsing Hillary Clinton, Sanders attracted over 10,000 listeners in the same city.

After noticing the low attendance I began to realize that there were almost no signs, stickers, hats or shirts for Hillary. In fact there was a sea of people wearing Bernie Sanders gear, making me curious on if they’re here to support Hillary or just to see Bernie.

In the video below I started to adventure and search for Hillary shirts and finally I located a group of 5 females decked out in Hillary gear. Out of 4-500 people (being generous) in attendance it seemed there was little-to-no promotion for Hillary anywhere.

I asked a few dozen people, “what was Hillary’s greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State?” Most decided to decline the question once they found out it was about Hillary and not Bernie.

Almost nobody for Hillary at about 4:58 during an interview one person held up a sign that says “Bring back Bernie,” to punctuate my point.  At one point during Bernie’s speech someone yelled out, “vote third party.”




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