Man Creates Working Version of Exo-Skeleton From the Movie Avatar

Giant Robot Exo-Skeleton Created By 30 Engineers Could Make A Mech Warrior Future a Reality

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

A group of South Korean engineers created a working version of an exo-skeleton, similar to the ones seen in the Hollywood movie Avatar. The giant manned machine walks upright like a human and shakes the ground when it walks. The project cost over 200 million dollars and the robot weight 1.5 tons, Yahoo News reports.

The machine could have many uses including military, mining, construction and policing.”Everything we have been learning so far on this robot can be applied to solve real-world problems,” said designer Vitaly Bulgarov on his Facebook page.

Will giant robots have artificial intelligence and how could these machines be used for space exploration?

Watch in awe below as we are one step closer to making Optimus Prime a reality.




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