Kindergarten Teacher Removed From School For Using Ouija Board With Students

Wisconsin Kindergarten Teacher Turns Off Lights, Pulled Out Ouija Board and Started Talking Scary Stories and Spirits to Class

Kristan T Harris | American Intelligence Report

At least one local parent was enraged last week when their 5-year-old came home and explained that they participated in an occult ritual at Zablocki Elementary School. This resulted in a kindergarten teacher being removed from her class after using a Ouija board with students, WISN reports.

So what is the big deal, it is just a Ouiji Board, right?

The Ouija board is also known as a “Spirit board or Talking board.” All through history philosophers and adepts of esoteric societies used a spelling board, often believed to allow its users to communicate with the spirit world.

Some experts claim , “Pythagoras put forth talking boards in 540 BC,” others that it’s origins go back to ancient writing devices from China.

The Smithsonian Magazine published how the board received it’s name in the 1800’s:

“Peters (who was, Bond said, a “strong medium”), who supplied the now instantly recognizable handle. Sitting around the table, they asked the board what they should call it; the name “Ouija” came through and, when they asked what that meant, the board replied, “Good luck.” Eerie and cryptic—but for the fact that Peters acknowledged that she was wearing a locket bearing the picture of a woman, the name “Ouija” above her head. That’s the story that emerged from the Ouija founders’ letters; it’s very possible that the woman in the locket was famous author and popular women’s rights activist Ouida, whom Peters admired, and that “Ouija” was just a misreading of that.”

The point being is that you are literally partaking in literal magic.

On the esoteric side, the word spelling or spell is not only the process of writings letters out to form words, but more sinister. The magic “spell” in spelling was the original purpose of word according to the Egyptian Legend of Thoth.

To spell is to cast magic energy with a definite purpose, according to the dictionary.

Also related to this conversation, write and writing is significant as well, for it contains the word rite, as in ceremony or ritual.

This word is usually related to secret traditions utilized to assist one in living magically. Also, the word rite is the same sound of the word right. Right angles are 90 degrees or a square. This 90, or number 9 speaking in numerology, is found in all sacred geometric angles in some form or another.

The word, ‘word’ itself has 2 other phonetic relatives in this conversation. Whirl and world. The word makes the whirl. The whirl or spiral is the common natural geometry of the world as observed by in the golden mean, fibonacci sequence, celestial movement and spiral galactic patterns.

Word is also similar to the word, “wood.” A log is a bulky massive wood and lagas means word in Greek. In the bible book of John it says in the beginning was the word or “lagas” was with God and the word was God. The word lodge, as in masonic lodge comes from the word lagas. This is the only place the magic secret word can be uttered. Considering Jesus who was called the word of God was a carpenter that splits wood may be important to this view as well.

A letter is like a streamer or acceptance or one who lets and allows. Letter says surrender and let her. Letting the infinite intelligence flow. Letters form words or worlds with whirling chakra energy. The word letter is made up of the words let and allow ter earth or Terra. The period is like the bindu or red dot. The Dot also forms the point in the circle that represents the Egyptian god Ra.

Interestingly the pronunciation is peri-yod, “yod” being the name of smallest Hebrew letter, being the first letter of the name Ja, or Yaweah or yeshua.

In light of considering a period which stops or stills a sentence. One is reminded of the biblical injunction “be still and know that I am Ja.”

However, if it’s the teacher’s job is to educate children on spiritualism and spell casting is another question.






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