Gary Johnson Attracts Over 1,200 People at Milwaukee Stop

Some Call Him a Spoiler for Trump, Others Believe He Could Be The Next President Of the United States, Gary Johnson is Appealing to Wisconsin Locals.

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

Wisconsin State Campaign Director for presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Devin Gatton, took the stage at Serb Hall Thursday night and confidently stated, “I want to let everybody know, that despite of what people on the left, on the right, people who are non-political are saying, Governor Johnson absolutely does have a chance of winning Wisconsin.”

Libertarian Candidate for Congress running against Gwen Moore, Andy Craig echoed Gatton’s sentiment telling on-lookers, “This is a state that rejected Hillary Clinton in the primary, this is the state that rejected Donald Trump in the primary, and this is a state that will reject both of them in November.”

When I inquired with Devin about attendance he told me that “sign ups was over 1500 .. headcount was 1256, plus some family members and friends who didn’t end up signing in.”

When I suggested this maybe the largest Wisconsin Libertarian Party event in Wisconsin history, Devin stated “by far,” and one of Johnson’s “biggest events to date.”

Gary Johnson received a warm welcome from the crowd and pushed ideals of free market healthcare and fair immigration policies.

Johnson told attendees packed in Serb hall that, “Right now, I think the internet is the great frontier. All of us have equality when it comes to the internet. We can compete with anyone, anywhere in the entire world, and government is right now trying to pass a whole lot of legislation, I think that may restrict our acces to being able to do that.”

Presidential candidate Johnson assured the Milwaukee crowd of his campaign’s integrity, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything, I’ve always been well served by that, and I think the one unforgivable in life is hypocrisy. Saying one thing and doing another. Bill Weld and I are not hypocrites. We say what it is we’re going to do.”

Currently Johnson is polling under the required 15% to enter the televised presidential debates. If he can manage to get in he could play spoiler.

Should third party candidates be included in the presidential debates as long as they’re on all 50 state ballots?







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