Florida Cities Running Out of Sand Bags, Store Shows Bare Water Supply

Is America Ready for Hurricane Mathew or Will This be Another FEMA Disaster?

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report 

Call it irony if you want, alternative news talk radio show host Popeye is preparing for Hurricane Mathew, and if you live in Florida or on the lower east coast you should be too. Popeye exposes that local 24/7 government operations are beginning to close down and run out of supplies. Another great reason to always be prepared.

“Heads up anyone in Seminole County Florida heading to the Public Works Building in Sanford looking to fill sandbags. There is no sand and no bags. Spoke to city and they said it will be refilled tomorrow morning (10-06-2016). So the 24/7 sandbag operations there have stopped.”


While stopping at a local store Popeye shows on-lookers half empty shelves and the storm is 2-3 days out.

“As you can see the storms 2 or 3 days out and people are smart enough to know to get water, get ready Florida there is a storm coming,” says Popeye.

If you are in the danger zone you may want to learn from Popeye and follow suit in order to prepare for this crisis,

Also can further read on how to prepare here:

Hurricane Mathew is heading on a direct path to the east coast.



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