CDC Wants to Imprison Americans For Being Sick and Un-Vaccinated

The CDC is Pushing to Have the Right to Detain the Sick and Those Who are Un-Vaccinated Here is How to File a Complaint

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October 14, 2016 is the final date for filing your comments about the CDC’s new proposed rulemaking that will impact you and your loved one’s health in ways you cannot comprehend because they are so outlandishly unbelievable that a U.S. government agency, the CDC and the ‘goons’ they empower, will be able to snatch anyone they think may be sick, or was exposed to a communicable disease—especially if you have not been fully vaccinated—and cart you off to a treatment facility – against your will and with no informed consent rights or appeal process available to you at law!

The ramifications of this new proposed CDC rulemaking are so horrendously outrageous, e.g., fines up to one-half million dollars ($500,000), plus other power-grabs via a “dragnet” the CDC is going after regarding controlled healthcare in the USA with forced vaccinations, which readers may find it unbelievable or that can’t be happening in the United States.  Think again!

Vaccines are based on government and corporate FRAUDULENT STUDIES and LIES handed down from within all levels of the Corporatocracy the feds have bought into and obviously promulgate.  

That statement has been proven numerous times, but none more factually and visually than in the documentary VAXXED trailer, and where you can purchase themovie VAXXED DVD, something every parent, in particular, ought to invest in and replay daily until the information really sinks in about the fraud that has been perpetrated upon everyone: the media, physicians, school districts, and state legislatures about neurotoxic vaccines—every one of them, too!

If you don’t realize it, U.S. citizens are living in a make-believe matrix created to implement the New World Order that’s been fast-tracked since 9-11, in my opinion.  The proposed CDC rulemaking probably is a key end-piece on that chessboard.  Here is a website about Ebola and information that you probably don’t know, but may want to check out and research for yourself.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

According to that website, the U.S. CDC owns the patent on Ebola!

Granted, the above Exopolitics website is considered “conspiracy theorist” material, but if we live in a supposedly “free” country, that information ought to be able to be read and researched.  Shouldn’t you have that choice?  No, that’s not within the New World Order controllers’ construct.

Here’s my reminder to file your comments regarding the CDC’s mammoth proposed rulemaking directly at this website the CDC has created for that purpose by OCTOBER 14, 2016.

As of October 4, 2016, when I checked how many comments were filed, there were 8,634 – not enough, in my opinion, to make an impression!  When the ‘invaders’ show up at your front door to take you and/or your kids into quarantine, you probably will think then that you should have done something when you should have.

There are only 10 days left to file a complaint.

For those who want more information about the CDC’s proposed rulemaking, here are two of my articles about it:

Part 2: What’s At Stake With the Proposed CDC Rulemaking That Has An Open Comment Period Until October 14, 2016?

The “Spider’s Web” Of Controlling Factors 2016: Understanding the CDC’s Power-Grab Proposed Rule On Communicable Diseases

My book Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines may help you understand what many of the chemical ingredients in vaccines do according to published peer-review scientific studies.

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