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Company to Learn How to Program the Human Brain, Implant Memories

Soon Technology Will Clone You a New Body and Implant Your Past Life’s Memories American Intelligence Report | The Transhumanist The brain is an essential organ of the human body. Performing any act involves the brain, without it, life would come to a standstill. There are numerous things that are yet to be unlocked so as to […]

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Robots to Take Nearly All Jobs within 20 Years, Top Futurist Claims

Within 20 years nearly all jobs will be automated and will lead to a human revolution, claims top futurist philosopher. Zoltan Istvan | Motherboard Futurist and architect Jacque Fresco speaks in parables. If he goes on too long with a story, his 40-year partner Roxanne Meadows interjects facts to keep him on track. Fresco recently […]

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